Sean Barlow

Chief Creative Officer

We live in an age of commoditization, and creativity is the one consistent cure for this. It can serve up a product in a totally different light and can disrupt an entire industry. Creativity can bring life to a stagnant or unknown brand.

In this day and age, it’s dangerous not to push for great work. Sean’s been truly committed to doing great work in the search for what he calls “brand affection.” If people remember the work, connect to the work, and love it, then you’ll have a customer for life.

Sean’s worked at TBWA Chiat Day, MacLaren McCann, Leo Burnett, and Cossette. Over the years, he’s launched products for General Motors, Samsung, P&G, TD Bank, Kellogg’s Canada, and Molson. He’s re-energized brands such as James Ready beer, Bounce, Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, Oldsmobile, and Visa Canada. And the work for some of these brands has been awarded internationally, in one case being recognized in 2009 as the year’s most-awarded outdoor campaign in the world.

His biggest inspiration in this business is to see the change that great work can make in the marketplace. What really excites him is that your very best work can always be the next project away.