Cundari is Canada’s most globally awarded independent agency. Our work has been recognized around the world at Cannes, the Cassies, the UK’s Directory Ranking and we are the only Canadian agency to have two campaigns on WARC’s 100 smartest marketing campaigns in the world list. We are not a traditional advertising agency – for 42 years we have implemented innovative and creative solutions for clients that deliver business results. So how do we continue to deliver effective and award-winning integrated work for our clients? By growing an agency team who are wired to be curious, who aren’t afraid to pivot, who are entrepreneurial in their approach, and who have a passion for building our clients’ brands and businesses.

Our agency is rooted in customer, centricity, and our long-term vision has been and remains a commitment to ongoing learning and evolution aligned with the customer journey. We also believe that Cundari must be more accountable to deliver business outcomes, rather than just brand awareness. We focus on concentrating on the correlation between creativity and effectiveness through data mining and insights derived from customer behaviours. We help clients in connecting and synchronizing their data across a multitude of systems and platforms to power the analytics and optimization needed to drive growth.

42 years of independence

Forty-two years as an independent, integrated agency with full-service offices in Toronto and Montréal. Our independence allows us to bring the most relevant services and talented people to our client’s businesses, we have one P&L to further support and empower decision-making that is right for our clients and we create unique and innovative solutions that transform our clients’ brands.

Agile subject matter experts

Aligned with our agency’s independent and entrepreneurial DNA, we foster a culture and team structure that is lean, agile and wired to outsmart versus outspend and make it happen for our clients.  Our agency structure allows us to draw from a diverse pool of talented in-house subject-matter experts to create nimble, flexible and customized teams. With offices in Toronto and Montréal, we boast a talented and bilingual team who are subject-matter experts across an integrated array of disciplines.

Big solutions come from integrating the sum of our parts

Cundari offers best-in-class integrated advertising services to our clients. We have the capacity, resources and know-how to integrate a broad range of different subject-matter expertise and services into one cohesive effort.  With offer all services in-house, we can help clients solve their business challenges while driving meaningful time and cost efficiencies.