We have developed a new bespoke media planning and buying offering: Cundari Media Trust. Our expertise and unique organizational structure allow us to shift away from a traditional cookie-cutter approach to media in order to maximize every dollar with every placement. Our aim will always be to outsmart rather than outspend.

Cundari Media Trust is based on three philosophical pillars:

1. Transparency

Everything begins with trust. No hidden fees, no commissions, no internal trading desk and a 100% visible-to-client media payment solution that manages the media investments in a trust fund.

2. Consumer Purchase Journey

Our planning and buying process ensures that we are putting the right message in front of the right consumers, at the right time, and in the proper context. Forget the rudimentary purchase funnel: this is the way we optimize relevant messaging for better results.

3. Innovation

The key to any profession is never to stop learning. That’s why we constantly test and learn, and then test and learn some more. This drive to innovate lies at the heart of not only Cundari Media Trust but the entire Group.