December 15, 2023

At Cundari, we’re not just Canada’s most globally awarded independent ad agency; we’re innovators in creative advertising solutions. Our partnership with Fix Auto Canada, a leader in the auto repair industry, stands as a testament to our expertise in crafting compelling ad campaigns that resonate across markets. This journey, filled with creative milestones and strategic successes, highlights our unique approach to brand elevation and customer engagement.


The collaboration began with the groundbreaking ‘First Word’ campaign for Fix Auto in 2015. Tasked with boosting brand recognition and driving sales, our team delivered an advertising strategy that saw an unprecedented 700% increase in brand awareness. Our creative director, Sébastien Tessier, led a dynamic team to create an advertising narrative that was not only bold but also deeply resonant with Fix Auto’s target audience. Carl Brabander, Vice-President of Marketing at Fix Auto, commended our risk-taking and creative prowess, attributing the campaign’s success to our innovative approach.


Our strategy extended beyond traditional advertising platforms, embracing digital media to ensure a wide-reaching impact. The expansion of the campaign aligned perfectly with Fix Auto’s growth, supporting the addition of over 40 new auto body shops around the globe. This global expansion, coupled with a tailored, multi-platform advertising approach, marked a significant milestone in our long-term partnership with Fix Auto.


Recent advertisements, such as the engaging Facetime accident ad and the humorous skateboard trick spot, continued to showcase our ability to craft memorable and effective marketing messages. These ads, created in both English and French, underscore our commitment to reaching diverse audiences, reinforcing Fix Auto as a top choice in the event of vehicle accidents.


The enduring partnership between Cundari and Fix Auto underscores the benefits of sustained collaboration in the advertising sector. Our deep understanding of Fix Auto’s brand identity has enabled us to create targeted, impactful advertising campaigns that resonate with consumers and drive business growth.


Our efforts have not gone unrecognized; Cundari’s innovative work for Fix Auto has earned accolades within the advertising industry, including two prestigious CMA Awards. These awards are a testament to our expertise in creating some of the smartest, most effective marketing campaigns in the industry.


In conclusion, our work with Fix Auto exemplifies how innovative advertising strategies can significantly enhance a brand’s presence in the market. At Cundari, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of creative advertising, continuously setting new standards in the industry. Our partnership with Fix Auto is a beacon of our ability to deliver results through creativity, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs.

Discover more about our cutting-edge advertising strategies and services at Cundari’s website. Learn about Fix Auto’s top-notch auto repair services and their commitment to quality at Fix Auto’s website.