Boulange Des Campagnards

Boulange Des Campagnards (BDC) had been struggling to break through and build awareness and the brand consistently recorded below norms for brand recall and brand linkage.  Exacerbating the situation, BDC messaging was being confused with and misattributed to St-Méthode, a local competitor. Despite efforts to celebrate the brand’s Québec origins, in the eyes of Québécois consumers BDC was coming up short when compared to St-Méthode as a “local” brand. Our insights from research confirmed that Québecers have an emotional connection to the bread category and it was clear the time was now for them to truly reflect the culture and speak to the Quebec audience ‘locally.’   BDC’s ingredients – oat, blueberries, cranberries – are all sourced locally.  By leveraging this product truth, but in a disruptive way, we could disrupt the category, engage our target audience, and challenge them to reconsider their bread – and BDC – in a way they never had before. In the spirit of Québec ingenuity and artfulness, we decided to take taste appeal to the extreme, while showcasing the local Québec ingredients in our bread and we created a ‘never seen before’ view of bread.