Social Media Recipe Hub

Maple Leaf Foods has been successful in using paid media to drive clicks and traffic, but the challenge existed “beyond the click,” where repeat visits, time spent and engagement were lagging. To be recognized as a “go to” food destination for Canadians, while improving the “after the click” experience, we created a single mobile-friendly web destination that organically represented the evolving definition of Canadian cuisine.

With, we ambitiously combined the best features of Google Search, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to create a branded social media recipe hub, a “social kitchen” where people could upload recipes, follow other recipe enthusiasts and share info on various social networks.

The solution involved rapid development on enterprise-level Java framework, including a custom content management system (CMS) and administration tool.

We also developed a custom-built social network with various social features (follow, activity feed, endorsements, RSS integration, search), a social log-in and gamification to increase engagement (uploading recipes, sharing, views).