Test Kitchen

With an aging demographic and reliance on seasonal purchase behaviour, Tenderflake needed to drive awareness and relevancy with a new younger demographic throughout the year. Whilst well-known in Canada, the brand was tainted with a heavy dose of nostalgia, remembered for being in your grandma’s pantry. The category was declining and the brand didn’t have any new product innovations to drive growth or create much needed buzz. In addition, the perception that cooking with pastry products requires more time and effort in the kitchen kept people away from picking it up outside of holiday periods (Easter, Thanks Giving and Christmas).

The Tenderflake Test Kitchen became the foundation of a yearlong, always-on social program that could reach a younger demographic, and provided a platform to release unique product-centric recipes which could drive everyday meal ideas. The new creative platform delivered innovative ways to use their products to both breakthrough and create buzz.  To deliver the program, a social media content calendar was created and included an always-on posting schedule for both organic posts of branded content and pro-active conversation triggers to engage the Tenderflake audience and grow their online community.