Customer-Centric Marketing
Build Relationships, Create Advocates, and Influence Your Customers
Book Cover of Customer-Centric Marketing: Build Relationships, Create Advocates, and Influence Your Customers by Aldo Cundari

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The Practical, Expert Guide to Reaching the New Consumer 

Customer-Centric Marketing is a comprehensive game plan on succeeding in the new marketing landscape by focusing on the customer. Written by one of Canada’s top communications pioneers, Aldo Cundari, this book examines the complex forces influencing the rise of empowered and demanding customers and outlines a framework that helps marketers exploit these forces to engage them.

The new purchasing journey has created a whole new set of customer touch points with unique needs, and has identified key activity areas that drive success or failure in the marketplace. This guide helps you sort it all out, and make your organization rise to the top.

  • Define the new customer-purchasing journey
  • Identify and influence the new consumer
  • Engage, nurture, and utilize brand advocates to spread your message
  • Position your organization to win in the new marketplace

As customers evolve, smart companies evolve with them, and, with a track record that speaks for itself, putting the customer at the centre of strategic thinking is the key to a winning plan. Consumer evolution is happening more rapidly than ever before, and keeping your organization out in front has never been more important. Customer-Centric Marketing provides the concrete framework, expert insight, and actionable advice that turns strategy into reality.

Praise for Customer-Centric Marketing

"Customer-Centric Marketing is more than just another 'how to' guide. It chronicles one man's journey through professional life and lays out the evolution of the field, as well as the professional. Consider it a must-read for those looking for insights on how to excel today and required reading for young people looking for a role model to emulate as they perfect their craft. Cundari's insights are provocative and undeniable. My students will be reading it...for their course at first but more than once for themselves."

—KENNETH B. WONG, Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Queen's University, School of Business; author of Basic Marketing

"In a day and age where brands chase likes, friends, and followers, what do brands really know about their customers? Do they simply 'like' them on Facebook or do they really know them...the way the local shoemaker in the village used to know his neighbors? In Customer-Centric Marketing, Cundari paints the perfect portrait of how businesses should leverage some of the first lessons we've ever learned about business and how the modern world of technology enables brands to build lifetime customers."

—MITCH JOEL, President, Mirum; author of Six Pixels of Separation and CTRL ALT Delete

"Cundari's Customer-Centric Marketing is a must-read for marketers struggling to piece together the many trends facing brands today. It not only neatly summarizes today's market conditions, but provides a practical approach to relationship marketing, reinforced by real-world examples from his own extensive experience."

—BRYAN PEARSON, President and CEO; LoyaltyOne, author of The Loyalty Leap

About the Author

Aldo Cundari, author of Customer-Centric Marketing: Build Relationships, Create Advocates, and Influence Your Customers

Aldo Cundari


Aldo Cundari is Chairman and CEO of Cundari Group, a multidiscipline marketing agency offering traditional and digital services to global brands. The firm specializes in integrated marketing, branding and design, and interactive and software development services powered by research insights. In 2012, Cundari Group was ranked among the top 10 most awarded digital agencies worldwide and in 2014 Cundari received international recognition when two of its campaigns were included in the WARC 100 as two of the World's Smartest Campaigns. That year, Cundari was also ranked by WARC as the #1 automotive agency in the world.


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