Jordan McKenzie

Director of Digital Services

As Digital Strategist, Jordan works to lead the early stages of the project by conducting requirements-gathering sessions and leading all necessary research. He is an expert at framing actionable solutions and remains involved throughout design and development to ensure all output is rooted in strategic objectives.

Jordan is a dynamic and results-driven leader with many years-experienced in Digital Strategy, innovation and is responsible for Cundari Digital Group. In this role, Jordan has the mandate to deliver best-in-class creative technology and innovation solutions for our client’s business, to strengthen our clients’ technology footprint and to act as an architect for growth.

He has a deep understanding of the mindset of both consumer and business audiences in the digital ecosphere, how changing technologies translate into smooth, effortless customer experiences online and has a solid track record in guiding clients to understand how to most relevantly and effectively shape their customers’ digital experience.