Dempster’s Hug Your Food

Tortillas are a low-interest category and lag behind the purchase frequency of mainstream bread. Moreover, the average consumer is not particularly well versed in the various ways they can use tortillas beyond traditional Mexican-themed meals.

We created a digital advertising campaign that zeroes in on moms who feel a deep emotional desire to provide healthy nourishment for their children but are time-pressed and looking for quick and easy meal solutions that would appeal to the entire family.

We found our creative hook within the product itself and created an anthemic animated online video that put forth our proposition “Hug your food.” Because we wanted our creative to be fun and playful, we produced a memorable track with original music and lyrics to showcase the versatility of tortillas and how they can be used for so many easy meal solutions.
We followed this up with a series of 12 quick-paced, visually entertaining digital videos, each focused on a different quick and easy recipe, utilizing our catchy original jingle and a wide variety of animation styles.