Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

The Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services works to protect consumers by providing a range of information, programs and services. Though research affirmed that Ontarians feel strongly that the provincial government should help protect their consumer rights, the Ministry still lacked awareness and engagement with the public.

The reality, people know that they should do their homework before buying, but often don’t. We also learned that consumers often felt a sense of embarrassment or foolishness if they had failed to be as savvy as they could have been, especially in the cases of scams and frauds.

We were challenged to create and launch a campaign that unified all that the Ministry had to offer and communicate its mandate to protect Ontarian consumers.

Our strategy: pivot the Ministry’s positioning away from the opaqueness of consumer services and more overtly into protection, while messaging that mission from the approachable perspective of advocacy. By doing so, we could empower consumers by highlighting how simple it was to be smart about their decisions before they made them, and not rueful afterwards.

To execute we started with what was being messaged itself – the Ministry. We implemented the creation of a wholly new consumer-centric brand and logo that clarified our mission and that would provide a single-minded, unifying banner for all subsequent communication: Consumer Protection Ontario. The 360-degree integrated campaign that followed spanned traditional and digital/social media platforms. It featured a revamped website, online banners, posters and social engagement